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Piper PA28

The Piper PA-28 is a family of light aircraft designed for flight training, air taxi, and personal use. It is built by Piper Aircraft.

All members of the PA-28 family are all-metal, unpressurized, single-engined, piston-powered airplanes with low-mounted wings and tricycle landing gear. They all have a single door on the copilot side, which is entered by stepping on the wing.

s pipper PA28

For the Flight controls, Piper used their traditional flight control configuration. The horizontal tail is a stabilator with an antiservo tab (sometimes termed an antibalance tab). The antiservo tab moves in the same direction of the stabilator movement. Flaps can extend up to 40°. Normally, 25° flaps are used for a short- or soft-field takeoff. The ailerons, flaps, stabilator, and stabilator trim are all controlled using cables and pulleys.

Piper Cherokee

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