Studying in Spain

Spain is one of the countries in the world that welcomes more foreign students. A training offer up to your expectations.

Training offer that exists in Spain is of great quality, proof of this is that it has become the first option for students from the European Union (Erasmus prpgram). But Spain receives students from all continents. It is the third country in the world in number of foreigners in its MBA programs. More about flight training in Spain

About 4,000 students from Africa, nearly 8,000 from North America, 10,000 from Asia, 248 from Oceania and surely, because of the language affinity, Central and South America is the territory that provides more students (around 18,000). If we also add the more than 30,000 Europeans who study in our country, Spain hosts a total of more than 62,000 foreign students in university or higher education.

FLYBYSCHOOL works with different airlines to provide specific courses taylored to each airline need. Increasing the duration of the training but also completing with similar conditions as to the ones the soon-to-be First Officer will encounter on a daily basics. More about the Integrated ATPL Program

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